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Protecting you and those you love

Insurance Overview

Insurance is essential

Insurance might be a good or a bad word to you, generally depending on your experience.  However,  when the going gets tough, it's vital you have someone fighting your corner with you. 

This can be invaluable at a very stressful and difficult time.  There is no need to let your finances suffer simply because you have an illness, injury or long term disability.  Your family doesn't need to suffer should the worst happen to you and you die early. 


We will look at your options, and put in place a plan B, to protect you and your family.

Life Cover (Death)

Getting the right protection in place for you and your family could not be more important.


Most people underestimate the impact that a death can have on those around them, especially financially. 


There could be debts to pay, credit cards to clear, funerals, hospital bills or associated costs like accommodation and eating out more.  Plus, often, there is the loss of income in the long term.  For those left behind, death can be all but final.  


We can ensure that all debts are covered, and that the income is replaced too.  Not only that, we can place your plan in trust to ensure your loved ones benefit from the cover.


Critical Illness Cover (Cancer)

Critical Illnesses can have a huge impact on you and those around you.  Cancer, which will now affect 1 in 2 of us* is a huge risk to financial stability.

At Hexagon, we believe that it's vital to ensure that the likely costs of suffering a Critical Illness such as Cancer are well covered.  We will bespoke this specifically for you and your family.  Often it can be set up to clear a mortgage, or cover extraordinary costs such as overseas treatment or extended periods of absence from work for you and your partner

Most covers will now extend to include children so this can be a brilliant family solution.

*Cancer Research UK 4th Feb 2015

Critical Illness

Income Replacement

What would you do if your income stopped tomorrow?  How long would you survive without that income?  Could you guarantee that you would be back at work and earning again before the money runs out?  What if the illness was going to affect you long term?

Most of us don't consider the risk of not being able to earn a living through a long term illness. 


Income Protection ensures that no matter how long you are unable to earn for, a replacement income is available for you and your family, so that you can focus on making a recovery as quickly as possible.

Income Protection

Private Medical Insurance

When we face an illness, most of us want the best treatment available.  With NHS waiting lists getting longer, private treatment can be an attractive option.

What if the best treatment was only available privately?

Private Medical Insurance can often mean quicker access to treatment, as well as the latest drugs and therapies.  

We can access a number of providers to get you the best price for the cover you and your family need.



Do you know where your assets would go if you died?  Do you know who would look after your children if you died?

Death can be a tricky time for those left behind, but a Will can give clarity and direction for those left to sort out the estate.

Importantly, you can also nominate legal guardians for your children in your Will to ensure that the state doesn't need to get involved and possibly take them into care.

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